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Antonio Cisternino

Over the years, hockey has been one of the most rewarding activities for Antonio and our family as a whole.  T, as he’s best known by his teammates, quickly developed a love for the game starting as a Squirt with the OG RinkSide Maulers. Remember those early days when our biggest nemesis were the Pleasant Prairie Patriots and their cowbells.

Hockey has blessed us with lifelong friendships and great memories dating all the way back to that 1st year.  There’s just something special when we all root for the same thing…not necessarily a win but the victory that is getting “it” - the camaraderie, the teamwork, the systems, the support, and ultimately the GOAL.  And there’s nothing better than seeing "it" all come together over a season of great hockey.  There were championships, and championships, and let’s not forget the tournaments.  It’s been said, no one will remember the game, but they’ll remember the memories. Although I’m sure a few of those highlights of a great goal or well-deserved victory will last as well.

Throughout the years, we moved from team to team and watched T as he persevered and worked hard to eventually make it to a “top” team.  Sure there was disappointment and injuries along the way, yet one of the most valuable lessons he learned from hockey will carry him throughout his life and that is resilience.

Although the last 2 seasons have been rough for Antonio and his health, we are appreciative of those families that have been supportive.  Orange Out is a time to reminisce and cherish all those years of “it”.  We so had hoped this season would have turned out differently but alas we will hold on to the friendships and memories made and of course the lessons learned.  For this, we feel blessed and grateful.

Tonio, we are so proud of you and your ability to push through.  You are so tough and never give up!  Keep fighting the good fight, T, because what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger!  Love ya, kid!

Happy Orange Out y’all - Hockey is Life!

Best, Coach Lino & Sonia