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Josh Anderson

1) Any story or significance behind your jersey number? I picked #23 because I have always looked up to my cousin, Drew Heredia, who was #23, and I learned a lot from his game and strategy.

2) At what age did you start playing hockey? I started at age 5 (mite)

3) What is your favorite hockey memory? Scoring a hat trick in the state game against the Central States Sabres when I was a Squirt.

4) Most embarrassing hockey moment? Staring into Coach Hingley’s eyes very deeply.

5) What is a hockey accomplishment that you are proud of? Scoring a buzzer beater to take us to the championship game that we won.

6) Who is your favorite hockey coach and why? Coach Matt Baker, he and I connected very well from the start and he helped me develop more many skills. 

7) What has hockey mean to you over the years? It has meant a lot, it has taught me how to overcome injuries, how to come back stronger, be a leader and lead my team when we are down.

8) What would you like to say to your parents? I’d like to say thank you to my parent for supporting the grind I have put myself  through and instilling good instincts in me from a young age.

9) What are your plans after high school? My plans are to go to college, as of right now, I’m undecided because I have a lot of schools I’m considering. I’m going to study sports business/management while also doing a dual program for PGA management. I’m also trying to play D1 golf at any school I end up going to. 

Parent thoughts:
We are very proud of Josh’s hard work and his commitment to his game. He has always been self-motivated and loves competing. We are grateful to all of the many coaches he has had over the years as they each gave him a different experience that taught him life  skills. He’s learned how to lose, how to win, and to enjoy being a part of a team.