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Katelyn Catrine

1) Any story or significance behind your jersey number?
At first the number 11 was just thrown at me, but over the years of wearing I started to relate it back to my birth mom who passed on December 11th.

2) At what age did you start playing hockey?
7 or 8.

3) What is your favorite hockey memory?
Watching my older brother and sister play hockey when I was younger.

4) Most embarrassing hockey moment?
Probably when I walked onto the ice with a skate guard on.

5) What is a hockey accomplishment that you are proud of?
Being able to go to national in Denver Colorado with an amazing team and making 3rd place.

6) Who is your favorite hockey coach and why?
I have had a lot of good coaches all with different personalities and techniques, but I would say I connect most with my current coach Michaela.

7) What has hockey meant to you over the years?
A safe space where I can come and forget about the reality outside of hockey for a bit. 

8) What would you like to say to your parents?
Thank you for all the opportunities you guys have gave me in and out of hockey. For all the tournaments we’ve been to and flying places like nationals, you guys have always been supportive and motivating. 

9) What are your plans after high school?
I am planning on attending college at Parkside and majoring in Kinesiology. 

Parent Thoughts:
We are very proud of the young woman Katelyn has become and have loved watching her play hockey over the years with her siblings. From the Komets to the Maulers to the Vipers to the Warhawks and back home to the Vipers - she always gives her all to her team on and off the ice. We love you Katie!